Commencing from the week of the 19th October 2016, players who have been invited for final evaluation into the National Premier Leagues programs will have their final opportunity to stake a claim for an NPL Squad position.

Thomas Laxton, Technical Director, BRISBANE CITY FC,  E-mail:


Club Rationale:  To assess current strategies of player identification, and develop a  process that is efficient,  encompasses fair and equitable methodologies for high performance talented player identification and provides as much flexibility as possible for coaches of Brisbane City Football Club.

Gauging by some of our presently identified players (NPL Players) performances it has become necessary to analyse, assess and adjust the current processes involved with identifying players for NPL selection.  Players in an open trial process can sometimes perform well in the trial environment, however we do not know much else about them. For example:

  • How dedicated are they to training?
  • Do they possess the desire to succeed?
  • Have they the commitment to meet with the expectations of the program?
  • Are they coachable?

The following process will be used as Brisbane City FC’s talent identification process for the 2015 playing season.

This process will be subject to review and necessary adjustments made based on the feedback from our coaching staff, administration and partner clubs.

  • Improve communication streams with our cluster group of clubs, in particular the club Coaching Directors / Development Officers / Technical Directors
  • Provide some “Ownership” of the process by encouraging club CDO’s to recommend suitable players
  • NPL Coaches to observe players perform initially in their own most comfortable environment–in their club team, playing in their usual position.
  • Pay more attention to players in our own cluster environment.
  • No “trailing” of  “COMMUNITY CLUB” based players from outside of the cluster
  • Players  can only be identified  in their respective  age  group, as per year of birth  in the following age groups (for 2016):
    • Under 12 Boys (Born 2004), Under 13 Boys (Born 2003), Under 14 Boys (Born 2002), Under 15 Boys (Born  2001), Under 16 Boys (Born 2000), Under 18 Boys (Born 1998‐1999), Under 20’s (Born 1996‐1997).
  • The Girls / Women’s NPL Program is administered in house with Brisbane City Football Club in the following age groups (for 2016):
    • Under 13 Girls (Born 2003-2004), Under 15 Girls (Born 2001-2002), Under 17 Girls (Born 1999-2000), Senior Women (Born 1998 Onwards).
  • Players   already   in   the   Brisbane   City   NPL   program   will   be   eligible   for   re‐selection consideration for the following season.
  • Players  already  in  representative  player  streams  with  other  NPL  Program  Clubs  will  be considered for possible identification with approval to transfer.
  • Players new to the area (From either Inter/Intrastate, or from overseas will be considered for possible identification (with validated references).
  • Club Players recommended and vetted (Recommended by Club CDO’s) from the Brisbane City FC Cluster clubs will be considered for possible identification.
  • Club Players from outside of Brisbane City FC Cluster Clubs requesting to be trailed, will be directed to their respective NPL Club in their region.
  • Primary point of contact is the Technical Director (BCFC–Tom Laxton )
  • Secondary contacts are BCFC NPL Coaches in the respective age group
  • Additional contact may be made through the Club Secretary

See Attached Player Identification Documentation:

NPL Catchment List 2016

NPL Age Policy 2016

BCFC – Player Evaluation Sheet v1 Skills Acquisition

BCFC – Player Evaluation Sheet v1 Game Training

BCFC – Goalkeeper Evaluation Sheet v1



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