Jaimie Cogman Signs at Cardiff City In the English Football League.

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Brisbane City Football Club are proud to share the news that Goalkeeper Jaimie Cogman has signed with Cardiff City Football Club.

Cogman spent 4 seasons at Brisbane City FC and then moved onto Brisbane Roar’s Academy set up before making the move across the other side of the world to Wales to sign with Cardiff City.

Jaimie has signed as an apprentice with CCFC. Over the next two years Jaimie will spend his time training and playing in the Under 18 side. The aim is to continue to grow his skillset and eventually become a professional footballer.

Whilst Jaimie spends his time with CCFC he will also be working on a 2 year college diploma which will allow him to gain qualifications to go to university. Jaimie also aims in this time to gain his coaching certificates.

So far Jaimie has represented the U18 team, U23 team, trained with the first team and has been on the national team radar for some time.

This is not an unfamiliar pathway for BCFC staff, with both Goalkeeper Academy Director Billy Lumley and TD Tommy Laxton taking identical paths as Jaimie, Billy with Wolverhampton Wanderers and Tommy with Leyton Orient. Co-incidentally both were involved in the program at Tottenham before moving to other clubs.

Billy Lumley shared “A massive well done to Jaimie, he has worked his socks off to get where he is and that’s credit to him. Jaimie is like a sponge, you give him information and he just soaks it up!.

I was in an identical program at Wolverhampton Wanderers when I was Jaimie’s age, living in digs and in a similar college program, so I understand the pressures of moving away from home at a young age as well as the pressures of becoming a professional footballer. Its extremely difficult and a hell of a learning curve. 

There was a specific conversation I had with Jaimie and his dad a few years back before he left with Brisbane Roar. We talked about laying the foundations of a plan for Jaimie to be where he is today. The conversation was based around being better in every area than everybody else amongst other individual areas to work on and I believe that this had a big impact on Jaimie’s journey so far

The Goalkeeper Academy here aims here not only to give Goalkeepers skill set bases education.  but also to teach participants how to become Leaders, to work hard, how to become resilient, prepare well and to be persistent. Jaimie has taken these on board and shows top marks in all of these areas. With these foundations laid, Jaimie must now work hard on the pitch and in the gym to be the best Goalkeeper he can be.”

Billy Lumley aims to connect with Jaimie when He and the Goalkeeper Academy head over in November for their Brisbane City tour.

The Brisbane City FC Goalkeeper Academy is progressing to be an amazing place to learn about being a Goalkeeper, with 6 Goalkeepers being offered spots at professional clubs and 1 Goalkeeper headed to the United States to start an American University Program. We as a club are proud of what has been established for Goalkeepers over the last 4 seasons.

BCFC wish Jaimie all the best and we will be keeping a close eye on his time with Cardiff City Football Club.


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