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It was a little bit of a battle. In all, I thought we probably should have come out on top and taken the three points. I just said to the lads then, to come off the back of two defeats you got to ensure that you stop that rut. Regardless of not getting the three points tonight, we stopped the rut. I think that is the main thing.

I thought at times we looked really threatening. We tweaked a couple of things at half time with the aim to try and build things out a little better and to stop them from building a high press on us. We ended up forcing it a little bit too much in the first half. They had done their homework which in the end was obvious.

In the second half, we tweaked those things. When Kai Fiechtner came on I thought he was tremendous. I thought Lachlan Sayers at fullback was unbelievable. I have worked with him this week as a fullback. He wasn’t accustomed to that position but he knows what his strengths are and what he needs to work on and I was really pleased for him tonight.

I thought Simo [Alex Simmons] looked a bit more lively, only coming off the plane 10 days ago and not playing for 5 weeks prior. The front three in Nico [Jean Carlos Solorzano Madrigal], Al [Alex Fiechtner] and Simo [Alex Simmons] I thought looked a threat. I’m probably disappointed we didn’t get that final goal in the end. I thought the pressure we put on Moreton Bay United deserved that. At the end of the day, I’m pleased we have stopped the rut.

We asked Nic about his thoughts on the Brisbane Classico and what he is looking forward to.

I think it’s a big day. The old boys and girls are coming down. There is a lot going on with the corporate side with the sponsors. We want people to come down and support the lads and the club.

The lads deserve an opportunity to right some of the wrongs that happened last time we played Lions FC. What happened over at Lions last time is etched into the minds of the lads and they are chomping at the bit to put that right.

We are a different kettle of fish at the moment and I know we will certainly battle and certainly fight for everything we can get. We are really excited about it. We stopped the rut tonight and do want to go one better and we are more than capable. We just need to believe in ourselves and cut out one or two little errors.

Where we are as a group, we have a few young lads have got an opportunity from now till the end of the season to go and prove a point and show us what we are made of. In terms of us looking forward for the remainder of this season and the next it is important that they stamp their authority in terms of a place squad.

We are excited for next week. It will be a really good environment next week, a good atmosphere and I just want to encourage everyone to get down and support the lads, support the club and to have a great day next Saturday.

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