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We caught up with Nick Green after last nights win against the Sunshine Coast to get his thoughts on the game.

Q: Second half was a bit gritty…

It was in the end. I thought for a period in the second half we had them on the ropes. We were looking for that second goal and hitting the post for a while and the chances that we created, certainly from the counter press was working really well. We just eventually found that end product.

Whilst it’s ever that close in a game, one nill, two nill, they are really dodgy score lines because mentally wise you concede one, and then they [the opposition] are on the up a bit.

In the end, credit to the lads. The dug deep and got the win and keeps the run going. Don’t get me wrong we are a bit gutted we didn’t keep a clean sheet tonight yet we never really looked like we were in danger and I think that in its self is a little bit dangerous because we took the foot off the pedal.

In the end I thought we deserved to win the game, don’t get me wrong. It shows a little bit of character and resilience in the lads. When you are playing against teams like Sunshine Coast and Western Pride, it was a little similar, we just need to keep being patient. These are teams, like all of us that are fighting for their lives. At one point we were down there [the bottom of the ladder] and we are looking up now, but we are, we are fighting for everything we have gotten and they [Sunshine Coast] threw everything at it.

At the end of the day, the hunger, the resilience, the desire was there to go and win it and get the three points.

Q: Jesse Rigby has been given the captaincy role. Is this a long term appointment? What characteristics has Jesse shown since coming to the club this year that has earned him the armband?

A: To be honest, it could be a number of lads. One thing we are trying to create is leadership within the environment as well as discipline and hunger.

I said to you a few weeks ago, we are understanding the roles and responsibilities within the team. we are talking more, we are showing hunger, more determination, we are getting around people a bit more.

Jesse just optimises everything that we want from the team. He isn’t the only one, I think everyone does it right. It could be anyone. He [Jesse] is just non stop. He is just in sixth gear all the time. If he doesn’t get there, he is creating problems for the opposition, he has got that much about his game. His energy levels are absolutely superb.

As I’ve said though, it’s not just one person, its everybody. When you watch the way we work off the ball its every single player. It’s the minimum that we require from the group. At the moment, it’s Jesse but it could be anyone. We have got 11 leaders out there.

Q: What are your thoughts about playing Peninsula Power next Wednesday night?

A: It’ll be a good game for us. We have been on a bit of a run recently and that has been pleasing in itself. We have nothing to fear about anybody in the league. We are just trying to do our own thing, take each game as it comes. It’s an old cliche I know. I saw Power got beaten the other night, everybody is beatable. There is nothing impossible in football.

We are looking up now, slowly but surely. We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves either. We just want to take each game as it comes. We have a week now to prepare for that game and after tonight and the energy levels the lads are showing they will do well to have a little rest.

We will certainly be ready to go next Wednesday. We want to give Power a game and we will do everything we can to take those three points next week.

We take on Peninsula Power next Wednesday, the 29th of May at CTM Stadium at 7:30pm

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