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We’re not far away from where we want to be now. We have had 5 to 6 weeks at it and things have developed a little bit quicker than I thought it would from the start. There is a lot of pleasing things.

Last week we were bitterly disappointed. Not to just get knocked out of the FFA Cup on penalties which is disappointing as it is, it was more the fact we didn’t win it in 90 minutes because the lads thoroughly deserved that.

We discussed tonight we don’t want people making excuses. When things go well for you like the did last week in terms of the performance, we know we have to work even harder to get where we want to be. So we spoke to the lads before the game tonight about being relentless in the pursuit of success and that’s how we want the team to go.

We knew tonight we had to play with a purpose and also knew we had to play with patience. It doesn’t matter where teams are in the league, everybody is fighting for everything they can scrap for. We knew we had to match that [energy] tonight and put them under a little bit of pressure but to also be patient and play purposefully.

I was delighted really. We scored five goals and it could have been a couple more. I’m delighted for the clean sheet as well because the back four have worked ever so hard recently. We are doing extra work with them and their only going to get better together.

Where we are going with it now, there are lads disappointed that they aren’t playing. They are chomping at the bit to play. We are going to the end in games and fighting for everything. There is a real togetherness and a lot of that comes from the environment we spoke about before and I think we are heading in the right direction, not just for the short term, but also for the long term.

I think these next few games are going to really define where we want to be. We had the disappointment of the 6 point deduction which we have had to fight back and it has put us in a position where five weeks ago we were the bottom of the league and I think that [after tonight’s win] has put us not far off mid-table now.

We want to be as high as we can, we want to push on and I believe we have a group of players who can do that.

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