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Brisbane City FC are proud to announce the strongest junior and youth coaching line-up the club has ever seen ahead of the 2019 season.

Brisbane City’s NPL coaching line-up is one of the strongest in the state and includes a UEFA Pro-licensed coach, three A-Licensed coaches, and two B-licensed coaches.

The club has also invested a significant amount of money towards ensuring that those coaches with a B-licence will be placed on A-licence courses over the coming weeks.

Socceroos legend John Kosmina will continue to lead the club’s senior set up as coach of the senior team, with Craig Collins and Luca Balestrazzi as his assistants.

John Kosmina will continue his role as senior coach for the 2019 season. Photo Ray Gardiner.

The majority of these coaches will also be a part of the club’s Skills Acquisition Phase (SAP) program, where two coaches per age-group will ensure that the high quality of coaching is continuous across the entire club.

Technical Director Tom Laxton said this coaching line-up is the strongest of any they he has seen at the club.

“I believe this is the strongest coaching line-up we’ve ever had at the club, certainly in the years since I’ve been here.” Laxton said.

“It just shows how much emphasis the club and the board are putting into our junior football program so we can continue the work we have been doing in developing young players and providing a real pathway between the juniors, all the way up to the first team and beyond.”

Brisbane City President Robert Cavallucci said the Club will continue to develop the coaches to ensure the best possible environment for young players to develop to their potential.

“Brisbane City is proud to be able to put together the strongest collection of junior coaches of any club at this level in the state.” Cavallucci said.

“All of the highly qualified coaches we have selected to lead the junior programs at the club have an excellent track record that will ensure Brisbane City continues to be a leader in developing high-quality young footballers.

“The club has invested a significant amount of money on coach development, and those coaches currently with a B licence will be up-skilled into a A licences to ensure the best possible development opportunities continue to be offered at Brisbane City FC.”

National Premier Leagues Queensland coaches

Senior team

John Kosmina (FFA A)

Under 20’s

Luca Balestrazzi (FFA B)

Under 18’s

Nick Green (UEFA A)

Under 16’s

Tom Laxton (FFA A)

Under 15’s

Francesco Zanoncelli (UEFA PRO)

Under 14’s

Dave Minnis (FFA B)

Under 13’s

Nic de Jong (FFA B)

Skills Acquisition Phase Program coaches

Under 12’s

Nic de Jong (FFA B)

Ryan Orr (FFA B) 

Under 11’s

Dave Minnis (FFA B)

Francesco Zanoncelli (UEFA PRO)

Under 10’s

Luca Balestrazzi (FFA B)

Carmine Iovino (UEFA B)

Under 9’s

Nick Green (UEFA A)

Tom Kenny (FFA C)

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