City launch the “Take a Seat Campaign”

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Brisbane City FC launches “Take a Seat Campaign”


To expand its Junior Training Fields at Newmarket Bowls Club and open up footballing opportunities to more Girls and Boys.

Working with the Australian Sports Foundation, Brisbane City is embarking on a “once in a generation” project to expand its football facilities by selling 700 Tax Deductible “named” seats at Corporate Travel Management Stadium to fund the installation of a new field at the Newmarket Bowls Club for young footballers.

“ONCE IN A LIFETIME WE ALL GET A CHANCE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE”  Alf Catalano BCFC Immortal and National Soccer League Player (1976 – 1996)

So “Take A Seat”, be a part of Brisbane City FC history and support the Club to enhance the lives of young people through football. Each seat comes with a Stainless Steel etched plaque with your name of choice on it – limited to 38 characters/numbers and spaces. The middle tier of Corporate Travel Management Stadium will be all seater.

Donate a Seat perhaps for your Son or Daughter who plays at the Club, in memory of someone who dearly loved the Club, or for yourself or your family to recognize your contribution to City and our progress in Football.

There are 2 ways to donate:

OPTION 1:  Click on this link and follow the prompts:


1.       1 seat is $290, 2 seats $580, 3 seats $870.

2.       Tick the box to add the ASF credit card fee of 1% to the transaction so the Clubs gets the correct donation.

3.       At the very end in the message box please type the exact wording of what is required on your seat plaques.


Contact [email protected] to fill out a form for processing by the Australian Sports Foundation.

“I’VE TAKEN 2 SEATS FOR MY FAMILY”  Guido Canale BCFC Past President, Secretary, Life Member and Treasurer (1961 – 1995)

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