Carmine Iovino set for another exciting year at Brisbane City FC

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Carmine Iovino is eyeing up a second successful season at Brisbane City, where he will continue to bring his experience and knowledge as a strength and conditioning expert City’s junior football players, as well as coaching the Under 10 SAP side.

Last year Carmine, along with senior team strength and conditioning coach Milo Micovic introduced football specific personal training for players and members of the public.

This year, the job remains the same, but the service has undergone a rebranding, to Brisbane City Football Club Athletica, better reflecting the specific areas in which both Milo and Carmine will work on.

“The name Athletica, it doesn’t refer to just soccer related aspects, we work on lots of different aspects, sprinting, acceleration, agility, biomechanics, movement, that can help on the field.” Carmine explained.

Carmine conducting a session.

“We changed the name to Athletica to give people a better understanding of what we are doing here. People think it is just gym related. It is not.”

“Co-ordination, agility, that’s what I work on with my players, agility on the field.”

With a new Facebook page resulting in a surge of new clients, Carmine is excited about the new opportunity the rebranding offers, but was keen to stress that

“With the Facebook page and the renaming, we wanted to amplify the pool of clients – and it’s working, we are receiving lots of requests on the social media,” Carmine said.

Basically it is nothing new to what we are doing before. We still work on the same aspect of an athlete, general strength, then into a more specific schedule where we can work on power, core, depending on the client.”

With Milo working with the senior team, through to the under 16 teams, Carmine has been left free to assist with some of the younger age groups – although his and Milo’s remits within the set up will be very different in terms of the training they want to work with.

“I do mainly under 10’s to 12’s,” Carmine said.

“So instead of working on strength in the gym, it’s more body weight exercises and field work.”

Carmine will be working alongside Luca Balestrazzi with the SAP under 10’s this season, and having witnessed their skills first hand at this year’s Gold Coast Cup, he is excited about continuing their footballing education in the year ahead.

“It is exciting, because I had them this year in the Gold Coast Cup, so I know how good they are,” Carmine said.

“Luca had them last year and did an incredible job with them, so I am very excited – to work alongside Luca as well. Also with Francesco [Zanoncelli], who is taking the under 11’s so we have already spoken about how we can collaborate together during the year.”

Carmine knew Zanancelli as a player in their native Italy.

The prospect of working with someone of the coaching calibre of Francesco clearly makes Carmine excited, especially as one of Francesco’s former club’s is Carmine’s beloved Napoli.

“Yes, [I’m] especially [excited to work] with Francesco because, being Italian, we grew up watching soccer and I knew him as a player. I knew who he was and now I have had the pleasure of meeting him here in Australia.

“He is such a humble person. He’s got such great experience as a coach so we are all very excited.”

Adding to the excitement is the fact that Carmine will be working with Francesco at Virginia United – as part of the collaboration the two clubs announced late last month.

Francesco Zanoncelli will split his time between Brisbane City and Virginia United – read more about the collaboration between the two clubs here.

“Virginia is a really… they aspire to something big this year,” Carmine said.

“It shows by getting Francesco on board. I will be doing the strength and conditioning for the senior side next year so I’m looking forward to seeing how Francesco works close up.”

For now though, Carmine has other concerns, namely keeping people off the field in his other role as groundsman and making sure that John Kosmina is happy with the length of the grass…

“Haha! Yes I hope he is!” Carmine laughed.

“We just need to keep off it now so it can be right for the first day of the season.”

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