Captain’s Call with Jesse Rigby

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We caught up with Brisbane City captain Jesse Rigby after Wednesday night’s win against the Sunshine Coast.

Q. What were your thoughts on the game and the boy’s performance tonight?

A. Sunny Coast really came in and gave it to us tonight and we were really lucky to get away with it in the end. For us, we have to tighten things up and look to improve for next week. We will take the win, you can’t be unhappy with a win.

Q. What brought on the comeback from Sunshine Coast in the second half?

A. If anything, a bit of complacency. We shouldn’t have let them get down into our box. We had the game locked up yet there were little moments we were either drifting off or taking it easy and they have put two goals in then we are in a big scrap.

Q. The boys are pretty resilient in the end to ensure we get the three points…

A. It’s really good to see. In these kinds of games, I have been in teams where they can go by the way-side. It is really good that got the win here and grounded out and I’m happy with that and credit to all the guys for sticking in.

Q. Peninsula Power next week. What are you looking forward to next Wednesday night?

A. Given we lost the last game [we played against them], we know what we are up against. We know they are on top of the table and they are there for a reason. The boys will be up for it and it is a good challenge to see where we are really at as a side. We have come a long way and I know a lot of the guys are excited to prove themselves against Power.

Brisbane City take on Peninsula Power 7:30 pm Wednesday 29th May at CTM Stadium.

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