This blog will be an ongoing piece of work and will aim to shed light on the often forgotten man, The Goalkeeper.


I sit here writing this blog thinking how blessed I am to be involved in the development of young men and women as Goalkeepers and as indiviudals. I have been involved in football for as long as I can remember and have loved every second on my journey. Not every aspect of my football career has been plain sailing but with many highs and my fair share of lows.


My playing career didn’t hit the dazzling heights that it could have. One of the small regrets I have in my football journey is not applying the values I preach to young players, to my own game.  Unfortunately when I decided to apply these values to my own game it was far too late in my development to push on to a professional level.


The road to becoming a professional Goalkeeper is one of the most difficult paths to follow. It takes so much more than natural talent. The saying “ hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” applies here. The basis of any successful professional athlete is hard work, but it also takes commitment, unwavering self-belief, resilience and a little bit of luck along the way.


My job as a Goalkeeping Coach to instil these values into the players I’m working with along side the technical and tactical knowledge that is required to make it to the very top.

I can’t wait to get started in 2020 and look forward to working with the players, parents and other coaches to help these young players reach their potential.


Dale Hill

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