Brisbane City FC Female Football

Brisbane City FC are passionate about providing value and opportunity for female footballers of all ages.

Below lists the upcoming programs and events for our female footballers.

BCFC Female Development Program

The aim for the Female Development Program [FDP] is to create a positive foundation for female players to develop technical skills and football awareness to help transition players into a more competitive football experience.

BCFC have fantastic relationships with our MyCity partnered schools that we believe would also benfit from the female focussed environement created in the FDP.

Overall the desire is to provide opportunties for our young aspiring athletes to progress their holistic football experience and skillset.

BCFC Soccer Sisters

BCFC Soccer Sisters is an extension of our Junior Gladiators program. Soccer Sisters provides a female focussed environement providing opportunties for females between the ages of 6 and 7 to learn football skills in an encouraging and social environment.

These sessions take place on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and Saturday Mornings.

More information regarding Registration and payment for the Soccers Sisters program can be found on our Junior Gladiators payment link.

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