Brisbane City FC Player & Parent/Guardian

Terms and Conditions & Codes of Conduct 2016

These Terms and Conditions & Codes of Conduct need to be read by both players and their parents/guardians and accepted before your online registration will be accepted. Please take the time to read this to your son/daughter if you are registering on their behalf. A copy is available at all times via the Football Committee and on our website.


  • You agree to comply with all Club Policies and Procedures.
  • Final team selections may be subject to trials and grading.
  • Registrations will not be approved and completed by Club Registrar nor Uniforms distributed until full payment of Club Fees is received.


Players must adhere to the following –

  • Commitment (good attendance)
  • Good time management
  • To wear BCFC training kit to all sessions and to wear the provided BCFC apparel to and from games as a professional team
  • To always look smart when on BCFC duty. Collar down, clean sneakers/boots, tidy appearance, shirts tucked in
  • Good positive Attitude, Good Behaviour & Manners
  • Always to promote the club/academy program in a positive manner
  • Never to criticize another’s playing ability
  • Referees – never moan or to question their decisions
  • Fair Play – Help other players. Shake oppositions hand at end of game
  • High work ethic in training and games
  • To be cooperative with the Coach and team mates
  • Enjoy themselves at training and games
  • Players will play hard and be competitive but will always play within the rules of the game


  • Parents/Guardians are not to engage with their children once the child has been put in the charge of their Coach
  • Spectators, including parents/guardians, are not to give any tactical or coaching direction, whatsoever, to any player during a game or training
  • Parents/Guardians are NOT to approach a coach or manager concerning tactical or coaching methods and delivery. All comments in these areas must be directed to the Football Committee
  • Parents/Guardians to watch training sessions on outskirts of field, by canteen etc.
  • Parents/Guardians are more than welcome to encourage both teams
  • Football Committee will step in if breaches occur

    If you have any issues or are aware of a breach of the above please contact the Football Committee who will address any concerns swiftly and confidentially.

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