Brisbane City FC provides fantastic physical performance programs for our members and MyCity affiliates clubs and schools.

Below is a list of current programs on offer:

Athletica Speed Camps

Developed at improving your strength and power through specific exercises in the gym to translate to an increase in force production and power output on the field.
Specific drills and cues designed to target specific aspects of your current running style to have you running in the most biomechanically advantageous positions to maximise your sprinting speed and efficiency.
The camp includes an initial and final testing session to compare improvements in strength, power and running speed.
Program developed and led by qualified Exercise & Sport Scientists and Strength and Conditioning Coaches on a 1:3 minimum ration of coaches:players across 6 weeks (6 x 1hr sessions of 30mins on field + 30mins strength work)
Run faster. Jump Higher. Train Smarter.

Athletica Boot Camp

Adult performance programs are geared towards all active adults seeking an all-inclusive training experience. Whether your goal is weight loss, weight gain, fitness and full-body workouts, increased flexibility or core strength, or even getting back into shape.


Athlete Development

Athletica offers, evidence-based, individual strength and conditioning sessions by tertiary qualified Strength and Conditioning coaches for juniors, youth and senior players aimed at improving sprinting mechanics, agility, strength & power all within our newly renovated gym facility. Run Faster, Jump Higher, Train Smarter. 


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