Dear Players, Members and Supporters  Sandra Di Francesco (3)

There is no doubt 2014 has been one of the most challenging and extraordinary years in our Club’s history.

Although we are now in a better position it’s important to remember that we’ve learnt some valuable lessons. One of the great things about Brisbane City is that that there’s always room for improvement, we can all work on doing something just a little better. When everyone does that, the results can be amazing – and if there’s one thing I know about each and every one of you, it’s that there isn’t anyone who wouldn’t give themselves all for the team and the club.

The beginning of the year was challenged by the instability within the board but now by making some critical changes we now are able to set a clear expectation and with this we are moving forward.

The vision that we see as your Board for Brisbane City is more than a football club.  We are a rich mix of culture and heritages that builds our club into a professional organisation, centre of which is our commitment to our members with exceptional football and a contribution to the community.

In 2015 the values and high standards we aspire too are important to our vision. Our Mission Statement has always been:

‘To provide coaching education of the highest possible standard in order for each individual player to develop their talents and reach their maximum potential.’ 

We want a club that you can be proud of as Players, Members and Supporters passing on our heritage as well and our future , not just through winning football but by contributing to the community in developing strong young principled players who can represent our club, our city and our nation moving forward.

I would like to thank our sponsorship committee David Asincar, Daniel Clarke, Mario Latanzzi, Robert Rossi, Barry Wilkinson and Victor De Ruos for their great work in bringing a new light to Brisbane City.

I am pleased to say that the work that our new sponsorship committee it has given me great confidence that we are moving in the right direction with significant progress being made and would like to also thank them for all there hard work.

I would also like to acknowledge all of our sponsors:-

Sponsor Banner2.fw

A very very special thank you to our General Manager Andrew Watt, Technical Director Mark Boyd, Academy Director Jake Goodship and Steven Asnicar (Web page) for all of your hard work and commitment to Brisbane City.

Also to all of our coaches and mangers and you members and players for turning up for training come ran or shine.

There’s an old saying that “it matters not if you win or lose, but how you play the game” – and it’s an honour and a privilege to be associated with these group of people who play the game so well.

To my volunteers that have been there week in and week out, John, Lino, Nuzzio, Vinnie, Joe, Ross, Maria, Guy, Joe words can not say how much I have appreciated all the help you have given this year.

Finally, to our Board members as you know it has been a difficult year and as Board members we know that this position has not been taken for granted.  I thank you for your ongoing confidence and support in moving forward for Brisbane City and now more than ever we need your continued loyalty.

On behalf of Brisbane City, my family and myself I wish you all a wonderfully Merry Christmas and a very safe New Year and hope to seeing you all in 2015.

We bleed blue……..

Sandra Di Francesco

Club President.




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